The Intelligent Cat Collar

KADDZ – the smart GPS collar for cats and cat lovers

Like all cats, your own little bundle of fun is naturally curious and loves the freedom to explore, have adventures and be independent. Thanks to the KADDZ GPS cat collar your beloved pet is always well-protected and can go on discovering and adventuring without you ever having to worry. 

Share your beloved catsadventures with the KADDZ GPS collar and ensure that it never gets lost again. 

With KADDZ you always know where your cat has been and you can find your cat again if it strays from home.


Dear customer,

Thank you for your interest in our KADDZ GPS cat collar.

The KADDZ collar is currently out of stock and cannot be purchased.

Subscriptions however can be extended any time.

Please contact if you need spare parts for your KADDZ collar.

Unfortunately we are running a little late with the production of the new product. We are currently testing the first protoytypes.

The delivery date is not fixed yet, but we will announce it as soon as the collar is available.

Please do not buy a subscription if you don't have a KADDZ collar.

Thank you for your patience, and see you soon!

KADDZ team


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